National Headline Discussion

"Public Serve Workers in Washington D.C. area threaten to quit their jobs behind Vaccine mandate."

Approximately 41 Minutes outside of DC is Montgomery County,

and according to local news outlets in the region, union members of the 

Police and Fire unions are preparing to retire early or just quit all together.

It's being reported that almost 300 police officers are committed to leave the force

if the bill proposed by County Board members to mandate the vaccine becomes law.

The thought of losing this many employees would be detrimental to public safety

even though retirement was already expect in the near future for many on the force.

The national rejection of the Government enforced vaccine mandate is plaguing every state.

Defenders on both sides of the debate to mandate vaccines are still at odds,

with no common ground in site.

Just recently, Aircraft giant Spirit Aero systems, has forced employees to

receive the vaccine by Dec 8th, 2021 or risk termination.

Retail juggernaut Wal-Mart is also looking to mandate for employees , 

and who knows maybe even the shoppers eventually.

We will be contacting the White house Press  for more information 

on it's authority and plan to mandate Covid-19 vaccine.

Article written by: Jason Lightbearer - LNC Newsroom