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In 2021, social media and online streaming has become the norm

on how people are receiving their Local and National News headlines.

Over the years while social media was taking off, local news stations

began to struggle to find ways to not only get viewers, but to turn a buck.

but every since the 1990's most of your local news broadcasting ,

and narratives have come from one particular place, Texas.

above picture used under "fair use copyright"

The Broadcasting group Nexstar owns 199 television stations across the country

which claims to reach more than 68% of all U.S. television households.

With approx 120 web sites feeding you their version of Local News.

However, the FCC Media Ownership rules states a national media company 

prohibits any entity from owning more than 39% of U.S. television households.

So how are they claiming to reach more than the allowed number of households.

We will attempt to reach out to the Nielsen Home ratings to verify those numbers.

It could also have to do with a legal loop hole 

from a merger deal with Tribune 

a deal worth apporx $7.2 Billion 

Nexstar aquired all outstanding shares or Tribune Media for $46.687397 per share in cash

the deal was closed 8/31/19.

Nexstar just recently "The Hill" 

a independant Politcal Social Platform online

for $130 Million , while trying to corner the market.

A very risky move, considering most people are

getting of Social Media Sites.

#StayTuned as we follow the growth or fall of this media giant.

Article Written by: Jason R. Edwards -LNC News 

Regional Coordinator Region 7 

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