Reporting: Revenue vs Rights

Article written by :Jason "Lightbearer" Edwards 

Welcome to LNC News Report on the 

alarming trend of reporting news in the modern era for profit.

Newsrooms all around the country have been facing

the inevitable decline of viewers and readers, partially thanks

to Social Media Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The once field of study to be a verified journalist,

has been replaced with instant news and misinformation

driven by views and entertainment skits.

Many over the years have been mislead by the false narrative

of "Fake News, which is still out there,

but now there is an even more dangerous threat

and that is the influence of Corporate Sponsors or donors

controlling the Narrative.

During the past year Established media have pushed numerous 

agenda driven messages, most coming from private sector jobs

in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which was given 

900 Million Dollars by the US Government to develop 

a Covid Vaccine, which has turned into an all out campaign

lead by the current administration .

Shockingly, what most people fail to know or understand is that 

the drug companies who take out ads with the

Corporate Broadcasting companies spend BIG TIME Money to get you to buy into their

products or services they are selling,

and now using local and national celebrities, Athletes, and Journalist to promote their agenda.

The distrust has amounted into an all out bully campaign in some regions

to force people to assimilate, rather that to promote FREE SPEECH and

the Rights to live as on chooses as a taxpaying citizen. 

How do you feel about Corporate Media controlling the Daily Narrative?

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